Screenshot Framer

for macOS and iPad.

App Store screenshots have never been so easy.

Go from screenshot to production-ready in 4 simple steps.

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Hundreds of Devices

Choose from hundreds of flagship devices and colors to frame your screenshots. Featuring every single iPhone to-date, along with Mac, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Apple TV, Microsoft Surface, Google Pixel, and many more.

Ultimate Customization

Tune your screenshots exactly how you want them. Featuring many customization features including: Title, Background, Inner-Background, Shadow, Clay Device, and more. Easily save your customizations with Templates.

Every App-Store Resolution On-Hand. Export All-At-Once.

Screenshot Framer has every App-Store-Ready resolution built right in. Easily export unlimited resolutions in one go.

Designed for Professionals. Made for You.

With various options and settings, tune Screenshot Framer to be exactly how you want it.

Sync Your Settings with iCloud

iCloud keeps your Screenshot Framer settings the same on all your devices. All your settings and templates are encrypted by Apple and can only be accessed with your Apple ID.

No Wi-Fi? No problem.

Everything stays right on your device. All settings and projects are securely stored with iCloud (or locally) and never require an internet connection. Your data stays with you.

But it once, get it on all devices.

Platform-specific purchases are stupid. Buy for one platform, get it for all.

Ready to Revolutionize your App Store Workflow?

Available for macOS 14.0 & Later, iPadOS 17.0 & Later, VisionOS 1.0 & Later